A playwright based retreat, the National Winter Playwrights Retreat prioritizes the playwright, not the work being produced. Playwrights have an opportunity to have work read or sung, conversation over dinners and coffees, sightseeing in the San Juan Mountains, and an introduction to our local LORT theatre. The retreat provides respite and renewal for playwrights. However, the artist's rejuvenation inevitably finds its way into her art. In enabling the playwright freedom from expectations, we enable the art. 

HBMG Foundation's team of a Latino Playwright/Director and a Female Actor/Writer, Manuel and Ann Zárate are passionate about diversity. As founders and directors, they seek especially to empower playwrights of all ethnicities and gender. Additionally, diversity of experience and age is considered in the selection of playwrights each year. 

In addition, nestled in our tiny town is a LORT D theatre. Creede Repertory Theatre's team of Artistic Director Jessica Jackson and Associate Artistic Director/Playwright John DiAntonio not only enjoy meeting our artists, but encourage playwrights to submit new works to Creede Rep's Headwater's Festival.

Partners over the past four years have included Creede Repertory Theatre, Black and Latino Playwrights Conference,  Adams State University, and BJ Meyers & Bill Kuhlke. For information on 2018 partners... stay tuned!


Each playwright is invited for one week (Sunday through Saturday). There will be both coops (of up to 12 artists) and duet writing weeks (two playwrights or teams per week). In coops, you work independently, but network and provide valuable feedback to other artists all the while creating a unique community we hope will connect you for years to come! Is this just for playwrights? No! Artists are welcome to bring an actor, director, dramaturge, or co-creator with you – for development, readings and planning. Together you’ll stay in CRT housing, or in BJ & Bill's home nestled amongst the Sangre de Cristo and the San Juan Mountains.

Additionally, playwrights might have work from that week read aloud by actors in an intimate salon setting. Afterwards playwrights receive feedback from actors, staff and invited guests. We do not expect works to be completed. In some cases, playwrights may only have a few scenes in development. The reading could be at the beginning or end of a playwrights stay depending on if they'd like to hear it read and then spend the week working on revisions, or hear read what they accomplished during the week. Our goal is not to judge a playwright's work, but to provide feedback for its development. In addition, private dramaturgy sessions are offered.

Write, network and recharge. This is not a competition; we want artists to create.

2017 National Winter Playwrights Retreat participants have been chosen including the two winners of our partners at the Black and Latino Playwright Conference! To apply for the 2018 Retreat, contact Ann at annzarate@hbmginc.com by September 1, 2017. Introduce yourself professionally and personally, and include details on what you’ll be writing and the dates you would be interested in staying (one week retreats in January and February 2018).

For a list of previous playwrights and collaborators, check out Winter 2016, Winter 2015, and Summer 2014!
For more information email us!
from our playwrights
"It was an absolute gift to be in the quiet of the mountains in such a lovely home with the support of artists who offered support and respect without demanding anything in return.” Arika Larson, New York

"Really, it’s more a movement than just a retreat.” Tom Coash, New Haven, CT

"It didn’t take me long to realize what an incredible gift it was to be in Creede, surrounded and supported by such incredible energy and generous artists.” Jennie Webb, Los Angeles